Project Management

Who can afford that? An external employee, especially in the management area, costs a lot of money. Then there are …. We also had this thought. Since we are very happy to work with SMEs in particular, we have considered offering the important points in PM as managed services. That means it won’t be that expensive. We don’t have to be present in all situations, but it makes sense when it comes to making trend-setting decisions. We would also be happy to take over the complete project management on your behalf. For this it is recommended that the project has an appropriate volume so that our costs can fit in relatively.

Process Management

Process management includes the planning, implementation and controlling as well as the optimization of related tasks. When analyzing and optimizing the “Company processes”, questions are answered such as:

  • Who does what and when?
  • What inputs are required for this?

The focus is on the value chain. In addition to achieving corporate goals, successful process management also makes optimal use of all the information and data available in the company in order to increase added value.

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Culture and Communication Mmanagement

Communication plays an important role in project management. Especially for more complex Projects. This is about precise formulations that can be understood by everyone. Because the “human factor” determines the success of the project, so that results can be changed through to the entire project – negatively or positively. In addition to technical know-how, professional project management also requires social competence and communication skills.

These are central pillars of our advice.

Software Development

In order to carry out our work effectively and efficiently in all areas, we also employ developers and programmers. We develop our own industry-specific software. We can also support you in this regard with professional and technical know-how and innovative products. We also work according to the proven Scrum development method.

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Find the right software. Manage versions & updates – and then keep an eye on market developments in business software. This is the day-to-day work of IT managers. We are at your side, coach your employees and accompany you, e.g. with internal company roll-outs. We ensure detailed planning, a clear structure and unambiguous processes.

At S.a.a.S. we provide you with the entire software application – you pay a monthly fee for its use. And only as long as you want to use them.

Managed Services

Please have a look in our shop. Here you will find the managed services products. Simply book the service and we will come to you to schedule the services.

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Individual Expert Offer

You cannot book these services in a shop. An offer is required beforehand. After that
book it again in our shop. Look for the right profile among our freelancers (LINK TO EXPERTS-DB)