Our activities at Overview

Project & Precess Management

“My project” – the expression is often used today. This is an expression of the fact that the idea of project management has arrived in everyday life. After all, leisure time and hobbies now also need to be organized in a professional, project-oriented manner. The success proves the idea right.

Culture and Communication Management

Where people come together, there is communication. Communication connects. Where people come together, cultures arise. Culture creates meaning and community. Especially in companies.

Software Development and Management

Digitization affects all areas of the economy and applies to all business processes. Digitization shapes companies, creates new paths on the way to the future. Innovative players are currently attracting attention – with success, especially in sectors that have often been given little potential for digitization.

Before that: ``Our bbb concept``

As a team of consultants, trainers and managers, we have made it our task not to provide the service of the consultant or the trainer or the manager, but to understand it as a chain. Showing you possible more suitable ways is part of our job, but also providing you with the necessary tools. In this case, we are not allowed to refer you to other places, which then take over. After we have given you the instruments, you must not leave them alone with all your questions and needs. We can – sure. You/your employees are still learning – so we still have our job to do after the transfer of knowledge. to support you in the correct application. We can do this within the framework of support, coaching and management. Even after the transfer of knowledge, it may be necessary to stand by you, with particularly complex projects, with bottlenecks in the employee structure, … We call it accompanying. Do you have bottlenecks? – We support you with experts and trained employees, as employees or as an in-house team. From cooperation to managed services to interim management.
“Please cut the peaks once.” – When your peak load is done, we’ll go again. Our bbb concept is first and foremost not to leave you alone on your way and to make us partners in the long term. partner – together – do it.


Our core competencies in brief


as a partner for your Project. With a project that is already running, with the conceptual setup as well as with the efficient roll-out of new “Projects”.


as your coach in the company or trainer in the seminar. You
we provide you with exactly the knowledge and tools you need for the success of your


from consulting and coaching to software development and
complete execution of your project. As an external consultant, in-house project team or managed

We are do-it.

We are a diverse group of juniors and seniors in our respective fields. We maintain an open culture of communication and Value flat hierarchies. In this way we support each other in what we do, on which the result of our actions and actions makes sense and is beneficial.

Yasar– Project Management (IPMA), Jens – Software Development, Tufan – Branding, Tahir Automotive Project Manager, Egon – Plastics, Puja – Communication, Keyvan – IT Project Manager Julian – Documentation, Gökhan – Project Management (PMI), Sven – Prince (2), Lem – Software Developer (Java), Mehmet – Software Developer (.Net), Frank – Project Developer, Nesrin – Software Development(php), Andre – Software Development(php), Dirk (Business-Coach), Frank – Automotive Programm Manager, Alexander – Accounting, Yıldıray– Graphic and Design, Ahmet – Further Education, Hakan – Quality Management, Oliver – Quality Management, ….

Anyone there that interests you?

Software Development and Management

Management in the Matter. strategically, decisively, on the way.

Manage and Optimize Projects

Planning, implementation and controlling of your projects – we advise you. The optimization of your projects – we support you. The implementation of your projects – we manage it for you. As external consultants, as an in-house project team or as part of managed services.

Analyze and Optimize Processes

The constant optimization of operational processes is crucial for the competitiveness of companies. Our tools help you to analyze and update the processes along the relevant value chains.

Management interactive. working worlds, productive, innovative.

Culture and Communication Management

Corporate culture and cultural characteristics of the company such as work and error culture are of central importance for corporate and employee development.
A meaningful culture, lived values and a variety of motivating tools – they are the key to higher productivity.

Management in Technology. implementation of strategy, further education, stable.

Software Development

“Software is the key business today”. Digital strategies and innovative software are of central importance in companies in order to adapt all business processes to the requirements of changing markets. Not only with regard to internal company processes, but also when connecting and networking with suppliers, service providers and customers.

Software Management

“Find the right software. Manage versions & updates. And then keep an eye on market developments in business software.” The day-to-day work of IT officers. We are at your side, coach your employees and accompany you, e.g. with internal company roll-outs. We ensure detailed planning, a clear structure and unambiguous processes.


Why do-it?

An idea, a plan, an implementation. We are there in every phase, advising, empowering, accompanying. As a colorful team of specialists, we see our work in the jointly developed solutions. We solve problems, cover needs and bring ideas with us. We leave when our work is done and are happy to come back when we are needed.

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